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American Ingenuity.

Zanotti Armor Safes

Old-world Craftsmanship.

Zanotti Armor safes stand apart as industry leaders due to their advanced security features, simple assembly, and enhanced portability. To see more of the unparalleled quality that Zanotti has brought to the gun safe marketplace, click below.


One Size Fits You

At Zanotti, we’re proud to offer an ultra-secure, enduring, and easily movable standard safe, as well as many lock, interior and color options so our customers can make their safes their own. We don’t mass-manufacture; only one size fits you. Click below to tell us how to build your Zanotti Armor safe

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We’ve Raised the Bar

To create a more durable, secure, and functional safe, Zanotti does things differently, from manufacturing to shipping to assembly. We encourage our customers to visit our FAQs page below to become more acquainted with our unique, quality-focused process.

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Building a Better Safe

Unlike many other safe manufacturers, Zanotti Armor of Waterloo, Iowa handcrafts each of its safes right here in the U.S., focusing on precision details to provide a higher level of security, a more vibrant appearance, and a greater durability. Watch our assembly to learn more!

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Hear What Our Customers Are Saying
  • The safe arrived today. I am extremely pleased. It is finely made, and the level of security gives me great peace of mind. I move often, and the fact that it comes apart is extraordinarily valuable to me. I am very happy with it.


    T.J. Gaithersburg from Maryland
  • I can’t say enough nice things about my Zanotti ZII safe. I have had it for a decade now and it looks and functions like it did on day one. I know my firearms are safe and secure which means my family is safe and secure. I have moved it twice and it is super simple to break down and reassemble. I would highly recommend any of the Zanotti products.

  • This safe is even better than the rave reviews I’ve seen on various firearm forums. With a few tools, careful prep, and patience, it went together smoothly and you cannot tell it is a kit safe. In fact it is heavier duty, and far better made, than any of the cheap box store Chinese safes you’ll see. I literally never write reviews of products but I am so thrilled with the quality of this product that I felt it was worth throwing a few comments out there. Zanotti makes an awesome safe and it is clearly worth the price. They are THAT good.

    Z1 Review
  • I must say that I could not be happier. Any other safe would have required the enlistment of a moving crew. Thank you for making a quality product at an affordable price.

    D.B. Ballwin-Missouri
  • The deciding factor for me, and many of my friends, was their unique knock-down design. I have installed and moved the safe twice, both times in spaces that a fully assembled safe would not fit. Clever design, top quality components and hand assembly make these gun safes a great investment.

  • I can testify to the ease of moving the ZA-2 into my basement and its simple assembly; further to the challenge of getting the much smaller old safe it replaced out.  I will never buy another brand of safe.


    Michael from Topeka, KS
  • I had high expectations and can honestly say that they have been exceeded. The attention to detail and the quality of materials and workmanship are first-rate. I’m glad I bought your product, keep up the good work.

    B.R. Succasunna – New Jersey

Quality You Can See

From top-of-the-line craftmanship to convenient assembly and portability to unmatched durability, our full-page, color brochure covers all of the reasons why Zanotti Armor safes are an exceptional value. Click below to see for yourself!

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