The Difference

Zanotti Armor gun safe

Modern Craftsmanship and Advanced Security That’s Built to Last

Zanotti Armor gun safes are manufactured to provide a higher level of craftsmanship, security and durability, while still providing easy assemble and portability. Based in Waterloo, Iowa, we’re gun safe experts that offer American-made quality and smart design with every safe! Keep reading to learn the unique features that help Zanotti safes stand apart.

Modular Designs for Safe, Easy Assembly

In addition to being highly durable and secure, we want our safes to conveniently assemble and disassemble. That’s why we build Zanotti Armor gun safes with six easy-to-handle interlocking panels (including the doors) that are designed to be assembled in around 20 minutes using a hammer and 3/8” solid steel pins to lock the component walls in place. This design provides all the features and benefits of a one-piece welded safe with the added bonus of mobile versatility. Our safes can even be assembled in tight spaces, making them perfect for any home or business setting, from apartments and houses to offices and sporting goods stores! Start building your own Zanotti Armor safe today.

Industry Leading Security

Each Zanotti Armor safe offers a series of comprehensive security features, including:

  • A 3/16” recessed steel door with a 3/8” drill-resistant hardened lock plate
  • A group II combination lock
  • A minimum of 5 ¾” diameter nickel-plated, active-locking deadbolts that secure both sides of the door (even when the hinges are removed)
  • A heavily reinforced door frame
  • A laser cut, anti-pry locking mechanism
  • A triple relocking system
    Secure your safe with confidence with Zanotti’s advanced protection features. To learn more, click here.

Long-Lasting Durability and Dependability

When you purchase a gun safe, you want reliability and quality, and that’s exactly what Zanotti Armor safes deliver! Each of our safes feature 100%, no-lint nylon, low-pile marine carpet across the interior floor and adjustable shelving that repels moisture and staining to keep your safe contents dry and clean. All safe doors include pegboard lining for simplified storage and raised floor platforms to further protect your guns. Owners can also lag their Zanotti safes to the floor and add GoldenRod® dehumidification systems in the safe’s pre-drilled back wall. These features provide additional protection for your belongings and ensure you get the most out of your investment. Click here to see more of what sets Zanotti Armor safes apart!

Enhanced Portability—Take Us with You

With simple interlocking panels that are easy to ship and move in about three-to-four boxes, you can take Zanotti safes with you wherever you go! Our sturdy, durable designs ship in a few boxes and are designed to facilitate moving the safe—or your entire home—while helping you avoid the extra costs associated with moving crews, cartage companies, or dolly rentals. And with various color options for our safe doors and handles, you’ll be proud to display Zanotti in your home, office, or business. Discover how Zanotti enhances the portability, and value, of your safe.

American-Crafted Quality

As part of our commitment to deliver quality, affordable products, Zanotti Amor gun safes are proudly and individually hand-built in the U.S., providing each of our customers with an unparalleled level of quality not otherwise found in the gun safe marketplace. As part of this fine, old-world craftmanship, our safes are designed to. We also offer many additional interior options so you can customize the function and appearance of your safe, including the Zplus Package upgrade (carpet for door liner and back and side walls), the GoldenRod® dehumidifier, and additional shelving and gun storage solutions (such as rifle rods and hand gun hangers). Thousands of satisfied customers, including law enforcement agencies, governmental agencies, sporting goods stores and home owners, are enjoying the Zanotti Armor difference. Click here to begin designing your high-quality, hand-made Zanotti safe.

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