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Before you make a decision about purchasing a Zanotti Armor gun safe, we invite you to read more below about our how our gun safes are manufactured and assembled, and what safe option might be best for you. Explore this page to find out what sets Zanotti safes apart as the gun safe specialists, leading the industry in quality, assembly, and durability.

  • How are the safes shipped and delivered?

    Each safe is shipped in three-to-four boxes, and no lift gate or fork truck is needed. A two-wheel hand dolly is often used for transporting the unloaded boxes from the truck to your home or business for safe assembly. This process ensures simple shipping, delivery, and assembly of your fine-crafted, durable Zanotti safe. To learn more about our shipping process, click here.

  • How can I save on freight costs?

    Freight charges are COD to the nearest local terminal based on weight and zip code. If you elect to have it delivered to your home address, there is an additional charge. A standard pickup truck or small trailer is sufficient to load and transport the safe

    You can also save all freight charges by picking up your safe at our manufacturing facility. If we are not open at your desired pick-up time, we will make arrangements to meet you.

     A standard pickup truck or small trailer is sufficient to load and transport the safe. If we are not open at your desired pick-up time, we will make arrangements to meet you. Zanotti Armor uses R+L Carriers as its exclusive shipper; to find out more about R+L, click here.

  • What is the heaviest piece of the safe?

    The safe door is the heaviest piece of the safe, weighing anywhere from 100 to 175 pounds depending on the individual model.



  • Do the pieces of the safe fit easily together?

    Every safe is laser cut and bent on CNC equipment, then fixtured and completely assembled for the final fit. When you receive your safe, it is guaranteed to go together like a precision-fit piece of equipment.

  • How many people does it take to assemble the safe?

    Two people are generally required to handle parts and assemble the larger safes. Learn more about assembling your Zanotti Armor safe by watching the video below.


  • Can the safe be disassembled?

    Yes, the safe can be disassembled and moved as many times as needed. To view a disassembly demonstration, click on the video below.

  • Do you offer fire protection?

    All safes, no matter the brand, are fire resistant, not “fire proof.” There is a set period of time at a certain temperature during which a safe can protect its contents. Zanotti Armor safes have withstood 1,200 degrees for approximately 20 minutes during testing!

  • How large a safe do I need?

    After more than 30 years of manufacturing safes, the most-common comment we hear from customers is that they should’ve purchased a larger safe. When considering the right size for your safe, consider: do you ever have enough closet or garage space? The same concept applies to gun safes!

  • How thick is the steel?

    The body of the safe is constructed with 1/8″ thick sides, reinforced door jams, and a 3/16″ thick top, bottom and door. Each Zanotti safe offers industry-leading security; click here to find out more about the parts and design we use to offer that advanced protection!

  • How secure is a Zanotti Armor safe?

    Within each safe are two re-lockers built into the door mechanism to provide you with an additional layer of security. This allows our safes to offer the same degree of security as a one-piece welded safe. If you want to secure your safe with confidence, we invite you to learn more about our security features or click on our security video below.

  • Do your safes meet the California gun safe requirements?

    Yes, our safes meet or exceed all specifications required by the State of California.

  • I forgot how to operate my dial combination—can you help?

    Of course! You can watch a video explaining the dial combination process by clicking below.


  • Where can I view an actual safe?

    We recently moved into a new manufacturing facility and now have a customer showroom (pictured below). We encourage our customers to stop by when they are in the area. If you are just passing through and we are not open when you would like to view our showroom, please email me us in advance and we’d be glad to make arrangements to meet you there.

    Zanotti Showroom

  • How long will it take for me to get my safe?

    Each safe request is processed in the order that it is received. You can learn about our current order statuses by contacting us by phone or email or visiting our Home Page.

    Our production capabilities are currently increasing due to our new manufacturing facility, which will also minimize future order delays. At Zanotti Armor, we strive to produce each safe efficiently and effectively—providing you with a product that’s worth the wait!

  • What makes your safes different from foreign safes that are typically cheaper?

    The Zanotti difference comes down to quality: our safes are hand-made to precision fit and tolerances. You can tell your new car or truck is quality-built by the sound it makes when you close the door, and a Zanotti safe is very much like that. Watch our series of short videos below called “The Little Things” and you will get a great understanding of why Zanotti Armor safes are synonymous with “quality”.

  • Why don’t you offer electronic locks?

    Electronic locks do not hold up to our quality standards. They are not reliable and the only thing we can guarantee is that somewhere down the road you will have trouble with them.

  • Why don’t you use “spy proof” dials I’ve seen on other safes?

    We use standard front reading dials because we have found they are much easier to read in general but also in low light conditions or with bifocals.

  • Do external hinges create a security issue I should be concerned with?

    Absolutely not. We use external hinges to allow the door to swing open a full 180 degrees to create complete access to your safe, however, our full length 3/4″ diameter chrome plated deadbolts provide the door security. The hinges can be cut off and you still won’t be able to remove the door. We use standard front reading dials because we have found they are much easier to read in general but also in low light conditions or with bifocals.

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