Our Safes

Quality Designs. Custom Features. Durable Craftsmanship.

All Zanotti Armor safes feature a number of standard components for enhanced security and usability, including 3/16” recessed-plate steel doors with a 3/8” drill-resistant hardened lock plate, a triple relocking system, and raised floor platforms. We pride ourselves on offering customized options so you can create the safe that works best for you. Click below to begin building your personal Zanotti Armor safe!

R+L Carriers: The Exclusive Freight Provider of Zanotti Armor Safes

Zanotti Armor uses R+L Carriers as our exclusive freight provider. We do this for a number of reasons, the most important of which is R+L’s care, quality, and dependability. R+L uses lift gate trailers, which better accommodate residential deliveries. Lift gates are usually an added cost, but R+L provides that service free of charge for our customers. And unlike some companies that markup freight charges and pocket the difference, Zanotti Armor has no markup and our negotiated 84% discount rate is passed directly to our customers.

The quote you will be provided with is to your nearest local terminal. If you can’t make arrangements to pick it up there, then for an additional $81 R+L can deliver it to your home. All freight is C.O.D., so you should plan to have a check for the driver when your safe arrives. We will call you when we ship your safe with a tracking number so you can monitor and determine the arrival date. You can obtain a shipping cost, or freight quote, by giving us a call at 319-232-9650 and we will provide you one over the phone and email you a copy if you desire.

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